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Stephanie Locricchio, Wellness Warrior

Unleash Your Inner Wellness Warrior!

You can feel her inside you, can’t you? That strong, powerful, world-conquering woman hidden under all those layers of self-doubting, people-pleasing, overworked and underpaid, out-of-touch, out-of-reach, unhealthy-eating, unhealthy-living, yes-aholic garbage that you wish you could just shake off for once and for all.

She’s that part of yourself who knows that there’s more to her life, more to her body, more to her mind than what you’re getting right now and she wants to hunt it down and capture it.

Stephanie Locricchio, Wellness Warrior

She’s that free, happy, loving woman that you once were who grew layers of shell as time passed  by, looking to protect yourself from a hard world… but she still lives inside, waiting for a chance to just spread her joy and be unapologetically herself.

She’s that voice inside that says “of course I am!” when you wonder if you’re worth it; the one who wants to run for miles just to listen to the pavement under her feet and laugh so hard she can barely catch her breath.

She’s the one who sees snow-angels in a drift, rainbows in the clouds, and happiness in your own life that’s real and entirely possible if you’re just willing to pick up the weapons you have and fight against a lifetime of being dragged down under your own mental, emotional, and physical baggage.

Do you want to break out and set her free?

Stephanie Locricchio, Wellness Warrior

Do you want your confidence, emotional freedom, and inner peace back?

Do you want to strengthen your mindset to life, and rebuild your relationship to food?

Do you want to just let it all out – the frustration, the struggles, the daily aggressions – among a community that really, really GETS it, and a coach that’s got your back when push comes to shove?

Do you want to accept the woman you are, every vulnerability, every strength, and learn to love yourself through every storm that rages against you?

Then pick up your sword, strap on your armor and get ready to fight for the woman inside – the Wellness Warrior who’s waiting to be unleashed!

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