March 30, 2020

Pandemic Breath

I hope this message finds you safe and healthy.  I know it has been a tough time for all of us.  The sudden disruption to our everyday routines, the rush to get prepared, the feelings of isolation and uncertainty.  I know first hand how these feelings can take you down rabbit holes that create palpitations and sleepless nights.  I’m writing you today to let you know  that you are not alone.  We are all connected in these scary times of uncertainty.   

I’ve been using the time to focus on what I want to create instead of how scary the world is right now.

Carving out time for self care, spending time with family, taking care of projects around the house and being ok with slowing down.  

I was looking through old notebooks and found this very timely quote from Tony Robbins.  He said that “the quality of your life is in direct proportion to how much uncertainty you can live with.”  We are in some of the most uncertain times in my lifetime.  For most of us uncertainty creates FEAR.   

As humans we’re hard wired to fear. 

We fear failures, success, illness, the unknown, change love and  losing love.  Fear can separate us, but it also unifies us in our humanity.  We are all connected in fear of something. As this pandemic unfolds I am  grateful for the time to pause, reflect and create.  I will admit there have been moments where the noise and the boredom have gotten the best of me.   It’s in those moments that I feel blessed to have my yoga practice.   In those moments where choosing faith over fear feels impossible I turn to my practice, my breath and prayer.     

As a Yoga Instructor and Integrative Wellness Coach, I know the value of pausing and connecting with your breath.  The breath is the only thing we can control in a time where literally everything else is out of our control.  I’ve been recording my practices and posting them to Facebook.  My hope is get my friends and followers  moving their body and connecting with their breath. Please join the group by clicking the button below to access yoga practice replays and future practices.   

I also wanted to send you a tool to help you find your zen. 

As a thank you for being part of the Wellness Warriors Revolution I’ve recorded a 30 minute guided Yoga Nidra Meditation.  The intention of this meditation is  to help you find peace and induce feelings of relaxation.   

Yoga Nidra is a yogic sleep that focuses on breath and sensation. This practice lands on the body like 3 hours of regular sleep.  If you are feeling stressed, overwhelmed, depleted and exhausted this is just what you need to revitalize your spirit, renew your energy and relax your mind.  Consider this a gift of self care and sanity. 

Carve out some time to reduce stress and refill your cup so you can show up as the best version of yourself for the people you love.  Remember self care is never selfish but in times like this it becomes even more vital.  

Do something good for your mind, body and spirit.  

Your energy matters and it is contagious. Namaste <3 

Sending hugs!  

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Enter your information below and click the button to receive your free, step by step guide to jump-start your weight loss.