Unleash Your Inner Warrior

Discover the only weapon you need to win the war with toxins – A Supercharged Immune System!

With all the access to information and modern medicine we have, we should be healthier than ever, right?


But the opposite is true.


Obesity. Chronic illness. Auto-immune disorders. Infertility. Allergies. Stress. Anxiety. All of these problems are skyrocketing! 


These illnesses and disorders are attacking our children at record rates, and the doctors we put our faith in can’t seem to give us an answer as to why or how to help them. 


Even “healthy people” struggle with digestive problems, fatigue, and headaches on a near-daily basis. We look for cures in pills and injections, but maybe that isn’t where the cure is at all. 

Fighting a Losing Battle

As a mom, you’re doing everything in your power to protect your family and keep them safe and healthy, but you’re worried that what you’re doing isn’t enough. You know just how toxic our world is and even though you’re doing everything in your power it doesn’t feel it’s enough to fight back. 


It feels like you’re under attack from all angles: 


  Foods filled with artificial ingredients and packed with salt and sugar.

  Fruits and vegetables loaded with pesticides.

  Meats and milk treated with antibiotics and hormones. 

  Water that is full of bacteria, heavy metals, and chemicals.

  Cleaning products that leave poisonous residues and fumes.

  Air that’s polluted from cars, businesses, and industries.

  Self doubt and insecurity that you’re not “good enough.”

  People who drag you down with negativity rather than lift you up. 

  The exhaustion of trying to keep up – school schedules, extracurriculars, career – it’s relentless!

Combine the chemical toxicity with the internal toxicity of stress, exhaustion, and worry – it’s no wonder we’re all sick and rundown! Our bodies and even our spirits are besieged from every direction and we aren’t supporting ourselves in a way that allows us to fight it off. 


What kind of weapon do you have as a mom that can defend your family and keep you all healthy all the time? You’ve spent hours researching and looking for guidance on what to do, and you’ve reached the point where you’re simply overwhelmed by information and misinformation, worried, and not sure what step to take next.


Our Weapons Are Within

Healthy families start with healthy moms. When you are thriving with energy, vitality, and confidence, you are able to pass that along to your family! 


You know you’re not setting the best example. After all, you push yourself all day long and don’t stop to nourish your body or your spirit.  


Think about it. How often do you sit down to a wholesome meal with your family and reflect on what you’re eating and who you’re with? How often do you move your body in a way that recharges rather than depletes you?


It’s HARD to do this, I know! 


I work with countless moms whose breakfasts and lunches consist of leftovers from the kids plates and whose dinners are spent cleaning up while the rest of the family eats.  


So, first, before you take care of your family, you have to care for yourself. 


You have everything you need already inside of you.  You are stronger than you know of – mind and of body.


As a mom, your superpower is your intuition.  Being able to tune out the noise and tune into that voice is where our magic lies. Sometimes you need some help to get there and that is where I come in!


I want you to know that you are stronger than you know. As a mom, you’ve got an incredible power within you combined with an instinct that knows deep down what you need to do to protect yourself and your family. 

Give yourself permission to slow down and take a deep breath.


You hold the keys to your health. Everything we need is already within us. 


The key to health is within you. It’s within all of us.


Our bodies are equipped with a perfectly-created immune system that keeps us strong, energized, and healthy, even during those challenging times. 


Toxic chemicals and stress – these all attack and weaken our immune systems, wreck our gut health, and leave us and our families susceptible to illness and symptoms – not just chronic sickness, but colds, stomach viruses, flu, fatigue, aches, migraines, and other “everyday” sickness.  


But when we have the ability to cleanse ourselves of toxins, embrace gut healing, and soothe our minds and spirits from stress and strain while taking time to move our bodies with intention through yoga, we can strengthen our immune health and experience what it means to THRIVE. 

Think about what health looks like for you and your family.

 I don’t mean just the absence of illness, I mean true, thriving vitality. Think about it…


You’re energized in the morning and can keep going all day long (no coffee or Red Bull for this Mama!)


You’re taking time for self care so you’re emotionally thriving instead of feeling burnt out and turning to emotional eating. 


You’ve tuned out the noise from toxic people in your life and are tuning into your own intuition!


Your kids aren’t nodding off in class or bringing home endless colds and stomach bugs!


You’re confident that you’re making the right choices on how to nourish care for your family!


No more fight or flight mode – you’re calm, cool, and ready for anything! 


You can finally minimize doctor’s visits and stop relying on endless prescriptions!  


But the silver lining is, even when there are times of strain, you and your family are equipped to take it on and come out the other side stronger than ever!

Stephanie Locricchio, Wellness Warrior

Cleansing Your Body and Spirit


You want to know the most amazing thing about winning the battle against toxicity and supercharging our immune systems? All you have to do is nourish your body with nutrients and clean, natural foods and embrace a calm, peaceful mindset. Your body will do all the work on its own as long as you give it the “tools” – vitamins, enzymes, nutrients, movement and yoga  – it needs! 


Without the physical stress of toxicity and the mental stress of anxiety, worry, and fatigue, your gut can heal from inflammation and your immune system can rebuild stronger than ever!


Yes, it’s that simple!


As a Certified Integrative Nutrition Coach and yoga instructor, I’ve been able to help countless moms just like you become empowered to not only take control of your health and make better choices for your family, I’ve also been able to raise my own family up in health and strength. Through clean eating, we’ve boosted our immune system, and through yoga, I’ve found peace and clarity to stay focused on how to best care for my family.


I would love to help you give yourself and your family the amazing gift of wellness. 

Discover which of these three paths to wellness are right for you!

Warrior Detox 

Cleanse your body, restore your gut, and achieve your health and weight goals in just 28 days!



If you’re ready to reboot your body, this detox makes it a snap! Release toxins and toxic weight, restore your gut, and look and feel better than you have in years!

Warrior Revitalized

Discover how mindful eating and whole foods can eliminate toxins and boost your immune system in just 28 days!


With a focus on mindful eating and whole, natural foods, you can end the stress eating, ditch the bloat and fatigue, and get your groove back with a supercharged immune system! 

Warrior Nourished

Blending Warrior Revitalized with Yoga so you can restore your physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing!


Building on Warrior Revitalized, you’ll also gain access to my virtual yoga studio with online videos so you can learn and practice on your schedule! 

Watch for Wellness

Learn the Secrets to Wellness in this In-Depth 4-part video series!

1:1 Private Coaching

For personalized guidance and coaching to feel and live your best!

Namasteph Yoga and Wellness

Join me in-person or virtually for 1:1 private yoga lessons!

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